Our Story

Trusted By Salons Since 2003

Hairwell was founded in 2003 in Singapore.

We started as distributor for an international brand professional haircare product in Singapore. Within a year, we have more than 100 salons using our products. Our dedication and commitment to serve our hairstylist clients have won us the trust of more than 1200 salons today.

Asian scalp and hair conditions are different from the Westerners. Hairwell has built up in-depth knowledge on Asians’ hair conditions. Hairwell is devoted to finding brands that invested in R&D and have products with ingredients that are suitable for Asian use.


Founded by Mr Ng Ling Ching. Started as a Singapore distributor of an international brand for professional haircare products.
Expansion into Malaysia market
Achieved our first 100 satisfied salons using our products. Began our international expansion, entered into Malaysia professional haircare market.
Appointed Arimino sole distributor for Singapore
Our wide network of salon clients in Asia and our dedicated service mindset won the trust of Arimino, a leading professional haircare brand in Japan. We were appointed as the sole distribtor for Singapore.
Introduce Intrixx Color Scents
After 10 years of research, we introduced the Intrixx Color Scents, a range of hair colors specially formulated for Asian hair conditions.
Appointed Arimino sole distributor for Malaysia
Hairwell appointed as the sole distributor for Arimino for Malaysia.
Appointed Arimino sole distributor for Brunei.
Hairwell appointed as the sole distributor for Arimino in Brunei.


We believe that a well cared, beautiful hairstyle will help bring out one’s inner beauty and confidence. We strive to empower hairstylists to provide the best care for their customers’ scalp and hair, and create the most beautiful hairstyle that their customers will love.


We have always been the hairstylist’s biggest fan. We keep hairstylists up-to-date on product knowledge, deliver tools to enhance their business and offer education to keep them inspired and empowered to create the most beautiful hairstyling for their customers and address their hair problems effectively.


Hairwell is dedicated to inspire hairstylists and supporting salons to be successful with our highest quality haircare products, professional services, and education programs.